zrównoważony rozwój


Once upon a time, there were three exceptional bears called Nature, Social and Business but they didn?t know each other.


Nature lived deep in the forest surrounded by beautiful nature. He had many great friends among animals. He also loved plants and he willingly interacted with them. Everyday they sang and told each other about their days. Nature loved everyone but he stole honey from bees because he was a great gourmand.


Social lived in his house at the edge of the forest but he very rarely visited it. He spent all his days on helping his family and friends and he didn?t have time for strolls. It gave him a lot of joy and made him feel fulfilled, though. He really enjoyed educating, sometimes even haranguing, which was pointed out to him. He was trying really hard to make everything around work so that everyone is happy.


Business was a loner but always in hurry. He smiled only to his clients. He lived alone in a big villa with a garden. He had a swimming pool, a fountain, and a big gazebo where he hosted his clients in summer. As a matter of fact, he went to his garden only to meet his clients. He didn?t have time to talk to plants or animals. He rarely swam in his swimming pool. Business, clients, deals, strategies, it was all his life.


One day, they all bumped into each other by accident at The Great Honey Festival. They were standing in a queue to get a pint of fresh and sweet honey. Wasps and bees were constantly attacking so they were waving their paws to scare them away. They poked each other accidentally. That was how they met. They apologised to each other and introduced themselves. Later on, they took their pints of honey and sat together. At the beginning, conversation was heavy going, only honey was flowing into their mouths. When they finished, they heard music playing and all of them were impressed by it.


?No matter sorrows and sadness,? said Nature and started dancing to the rhythm that wouldn?t allow anyone to sit still.


Soon after, Social and Business joined him. They were dancing all evening and when they got tired and were almost ready to say goodbye, Business invited them to his place. Fortunately, he lived quite close. They happily accepted the invite and that was the beginning of a great friendship.


They would meet every week and they had more and more interesting ideas to talk about.


One day, Social offered to take actions for the good of all. Actions to make all their friends from the forest happy, so that Social?s family wouldn?t get hurt and Business and similar bears worked effectively but for the common good. Business hesitated for a moment but, after giving it some thought, he suggested his action plan for the common good and everyone accepted it. They shook paws on that and invented sign of sustainable development for their new, cooperative activity.


TRZY MISIE - Rozdział II


Soon after, joint activities of Nature, Social and Business have brought unexpected renown and results.


Nature happily joined business and social actions using natural resources of the forest. He used them in a way so that the nature could heal itself. For example, he would pick forest fruit and give it to Business for sale. He ordered logging, but in a rational manner, so that the forest could quickly come back to its previous state. He disagreed with burning wood in electrical plants even though it resulted in biofuel. He educated other bears that burning wood in furnaces, especially the wet wood straight from the forest, is very harmful. He helped building wooden houses and furniture. He also employed other bears so that they could afford education, health care and fulfill their children?s dreams. He managed whole nature in a way that Social, but also Business and his partners, could treat nature as a friend, take care of it and benefit from it.


Social eagerly developed educational activity and helped more and more bear families. Together with Business, they opened a network of hospitals, care homes, nurseries, a plan kindergartens, schools and universities. In cooperation with Nature, they organized plan of housing areas for bears. It was a beautiful area surrounded by lots of greenery with singing birds and blooming flowers where bees could feed on nectar.


Business put a lot of effort into creating new job positions. He needed lots of well educated and creative bears. He cooperated with other bears who were focused on business. At the same time, he and his business partners tried really hard not to harm the nature. They got on well with workers; they respected and appreciated them greatly. They hoped to see development, cooperation and self-organisation and supported them effectively. Thanks to competition in the market, every bear had a wide variety of pleasures and essentials in life.


Social, Business and Nature decided to help bear community on their Planet to maintain beautiful nature and renewable resources. They wished all bears would stop suffering from hunger and bees could produce honey. They wanted education, entertainment and development, health and happiness for everyone. That was the reason why Bear Representative Convention was organised in 2015. They were deliberating for a very long time: exchanging information about their achievements and provoking a debate about new solutions suitable for all bears. When they felt that the agreement is close and every member accepted the ideas they grabbed their paws and said ?From now on, our whole Planet will be a better place.? They marked this agreement with the sign of sustainable development.


The agreement was signed among bear families from different parts of the Planet by their representatives. Such representative was called Govern and there were 193 of them. This agreement included 17 goals to be achieved by all bear families on the Planet. They agreed upon 169 tasks that had to be done to fulfill the plan by 2030. That was the year when their world had to be transformed, their lives were improved and the world changed for better. They designed different signs for every goal.



Znaki rozdziałów III


One sunny morning, Nature was sitting with his family outside their eco-house and reminiscing.  They didn?t use to have such an easy life. They had to work physically but they were happy. They simply didn?t know any other way of living. It all changed after meeting Business and Social. It seems that their world has broaden, changed somehow. They?ve been faced with so many different challenges. They?ve acquired a great deal of friends and experiences; both good and bad. They also had a bit more problems. And when he was wondering, whether it was better in the past or now, his oldest son, Learne, interrupted him.


?Daddy, daddy! Have you heard that we have such a dry summer that even bees hide and don?t  want to work. And they eat their own honey! What will be left for us?? he asked.


?You know, they are trying to survive. We can share. We?ve always shared…? said Nature wisely.


?Well yes…but daddy, what if they don?t want to pollinate flowers, it might be a disaster. Plants won?t bear fruit. All the creatures in the world, what will they eat? Disaster… I?m telling you?,? replied Learne sorrowfully.


?Learne, I?ve recently read on the Internet that scientists invented artificial bees, such small drones. They are able to pollinate flowers. And bees can rest and stay in their beehives from time to time,? answered Nature.


?But this is what their life is all about,? said Learne.


?Well, yes…? replied Nature saddened. ?Son, our world has changed and is still changing. The creatures, they also change…,? continued.


?You don?t want to say that those small drones will replace bees!? shouted Learne.


?Some of the creatures have been afraid for years that robots will replace them…,? said Nature.


?So how will it be, Dad?? asked worried Learne.


?You know, I am optimistic all my life. I always try to look at the bright side. When I met Business and Social, I agreed to make a huge change in our lives because I saw something useful in it not only for us. I think that wise inventors and those who have hearts of gold will make life on this Planet different but better. All the things around us are constantly changing…,? said Nature trying to cheer his son up. ?Remember my son, learning to understand all these changes and ability to adjust to them is the most important thing. I strongly believe that you will discover, create or organise something in your life that will serve for the good of us all. What is more, it won?t harm our Planet and will bring you satisfaction and wealth.?


TRZY MISIE - Rozdział IV


Business came back home very pleased. At last, he managed to convince Govern that everyone must join in the process of improving the situation with wastes. It?s not enough to pass some laws. He sat in his garden and began to ponder. Long time ago, there were no problems with wastes. All of them were biodegradable. Nature simply turned them into soil. Nowadays, invention of different machinery, packaging or hygiene products, which obviously make our lives simpler, has caused waste crisis on our Planet. Plastic straws kill fish; life in oceans and seas is constantly destroyed by tons of plastic waste. Forests are littered or cut. Air pollution causes millions of deaths. Soil is contaminated. State of water, our source of life, leaves much to be desired. It?s good that Govern finally understood that we need a new waste law and we have to cooperate to prepare it. We all must be engaged in it. A difficult change of habits is in front of us. Universal education can be started but what will be the result? Suddenly, voice of his son woke him up from deep thoughts. Technicion asked:


?Dad, your face is very sad. What happened??


?That is impossible,? answered Business. ?I had such a good day. I convinced Govern to do something important, and you must know that it is very hard to convince him because he always does his thing.?


?Dad, you must have been thinking about something sad or difficult when I came here,? replied Technicion.


?Actually, I?ve been thinking about our life on this Planet,? said Business.


?Dad, you can?t change it. We want to live comfortable lives, we like technical gadgets, good food and we want to be happy. Our lives are passing by. You?ve always told me that sense of happiness is the most important. I can?t be happy when I think about people who live for 2 dollars a month or the ones who lost their families in the war. I don?t want to think about those who work very hard only to get a bowl of rice. What I want to think about is those who I love and what can I do for them,? said Technicion. ?You know what, recently I?ve come up with this amazing device that allows… ?


Suddenly, they heard a terrible scream of a child and a long pause.  For a second, they froze and became speechless. It turned out that neighbor’s daughter hit a tree while riding her monocycle. They called an ambulance but there was nothing that could be done… Both Business and Technicion were shocked. They were sitting in silence for a long time and then tears came up to their eyes. This beautiful creature, full of joy and gratitude was dead, and it happened so quickly. Who is going to tell her parents? Business who had bought this dream monocycle for her birthday or Technicion who taught her how to ride it? Fortunately, it is the police who tells the parents such things.


They spent most of that evening in silence.  Full moon was shining brightly, but it was covered with clouds most of the time. They didn?t even turn on the lights in their garden. They were looking into the sky. Where is she now? They were overcome by weakness and misery. After a while, Technicion said:


?Dad, if only she had worn a helmet on her head as I taught her… nothing would have happened. Why didn?t she listen to me or her parents? It?s awful… such stubbornness, silly mistake…?


?Well, it?s a lack of responsibility,? said Business after some thinking. ?We can?t help it now. All we can do is to support our neighbors.?


?Dad, what if I am able to design a device which can fish out waste from oceans and seas, sort them and prepare for further industrial processes and, what is the most important, save lives in waters. And this device won?t be used just like her helmet?? wondered Technicion.


?You see, it depends on our responsibility, acquired knowledge and finances. If we start to believe in the fact that our life depends on oceans and seas, that produce 50% of oxygen needed to survive on our Planet, and we will act responsibly and our resources will be sufficient, then your device will find an investor and will be implemented. The fact that we need to work on interplanetary system of waste is a whole different story.?


TRZY MISIE - Rozdział V


Social had three daughters. They were called Joina, Learna and Dearna. Joina had a huge talent to make friends. She was able to build good, lasting relationships without any problems. Learna was a great enthusiast of knowledge and education. She constantly read something and loved discussions with her friends. Dearna was a happy and beautiful creature, yet slightly too much concerned about her looks. She very often took a selfie and posted it on Instagram and Facebook and anxiously waited for likes and shares. One sunny day, Nature?s daughter, Natura, dropped by with her eyes all lit up.


?Hey girls, listen! There is so much news about food right now, for example that we don?t have to eat that much and so many different things or create new flavors. We can eat less but wiser. What do you think?? said Natura enthusiastically.


?What are you talking about? You don?t want to eat something that is well served and sophisticated?? replied one of sisters.


?It?s not about worrying and eating whatever we have. The thing is that we overdo it. We race each other in new flavors, side dishes and plating. We are addicted to it. We often mix food in a way that is actually harmful. It?s a tasty, beautiful, silent killer…? Natura continued.


?What are you talking about? I love new flavors and I experiment with different ingredients all the time,? said Joina.


?Yes, sure, but do you know which ones you should or shouldn?t mix? Experts say that we shouldn?t combine protein with carbohydrates… Now, look at our cuisine? said Natura.


?It?s really interesting what you?re saying,? Learna cut in. ?I would love to eat healthy and live a long and happy life; there are so many interesting things in the world. So many things that we haven?t discovered yet. I won?t have enough time to do it…?


?I heard that people who lived the longest, ate in a very simple way, drank a lot of water and herbal teas. And they worked very hard all their lives…,? said Natura.


?I want to work and learn a lot! It gives me so much pleasure. I think I will start eating differently. I will get rid of crisps, burgers, biscuits and soft drinks. When eating my favorite potatoes, I won?t mix them with meat. Hmm… It might be really hard because I like it so much. For example, chicken goulash in a cream sauce with potatoes… I absolutely love it! Or toasts with ham and cheese… Are you sure that we shouldn?t eat them this way?? asked Learna.


?Apparently, it is better to eat bread with vegetables and after two hours ham or cheese,? said Nature.


?Sounds awful… but maybe I will get used to it…,? wondered Learna.


?What are you droning on?? asked Dearna. ?I would have to stop eating crisps? No way! Where would I meet all my friends? They love eating ice creams or Mc- Donald?s food. Should I invite them to eat a slice of bread with mustard or ham and cucumber?? she continued.


?Ham and cucumber sounds great and probably tastes even better,? said Joina. ?I agree that changing your habits and way of eating can cause problems in your social life. You can lose some of your friends. However, such friends who would leave only because you eat differently are not worth it. It?s better to know that sooner,? said Natura.


For a moment, they sat in silence. Social heard this conversation and after a while, he said:


?You know that there is a problem of hunger and poverty in this world and still some of us throw away food only because we don?t like it. Or, we eat too much because it?s tasty without even thinking that it can cause many diseases. I have to admit that it is a wise thing to say that we need to change our eating habits. Everything is changing. We?ve gathered new pieces of information about food and healthy nutrition. I think it?s important not only to eat but to eat well. At times, it means eat less or products that were not processed, the ones that will nourish our bodies and create less waste. For example, vegetables, fruit, meat or dairy and bread produced locally because you don?t have to transport it, use fuel and pollute the air. You don?t have to protect it from rotting. Well, in our bodies we also have the problem of pollution and managing wastes like in our environment,? concluded Social.