TRZY MISIE - Rozdział V

Social had three daughters. They were called Joina, Learna and Dearna. Joina had a huge talent to make friends. She was able to build good, lasting relationships without any problems. Learna was a great enthusiast of knowledge and education. She constantly read something and loved discussions with her friends. Dearna was a happy and beautiful creature, yet slightly too much concerned about her looks. She very often took a selfie and posted it on Instagram and Facebook and anxiously waited for likes and shares. One sunny day, Nature?s daughter, Natura, dropped by with her eyes all lit up.


?Hey girls, listen! There is so much news about food right now, for example that we don?t have to eat that much and so many different things or create new flavors. We can eat less but wiser. What do you think?? said Natura enthusiastically.


?What are you talking about? You don?t want to eat something that is well served and sophisticated?? replied one of sisters.


?It?s not about worrying and eating whatever we have. The thing is that we overdo it. We race each other in new flavors, side dishes and plating. We are addicted to it. We often mix food in a way that is actually harmful. It?s a tasty, beautiful, silent killer…? Natura continued.


?What are you talking about? I love new flavors and I experiment with different ingredients all the time,? said Joina.


?Yes, sure, but do you know which ones you should or shouldn?t mix? Experts say that we shouldn?t combine protein with carbohydrates… Now, look at our cuisine? said Natura.


?It?s really interesting what you?re saying,? Learna cut in. ?I would love to eat healthy and live a long and happy life; there are so many interesting things in the world. So many things that we haven?t discovered yet. I won?t have enough time to do it…?


?I heard that people who lived the longest, ate in a very simple way, drank a lot of water and herbal teas. And they worked very hard all their lives…,? said Natura.


?I want to work and learn a lot! It gives me so much pleasure. I think I will start eating differently. I will get rid of crisps, burgers, biscuits and soft drinks. When eating my favorite potatoes, I won?t mix them with meat. Hmm… It might be really hard because I like it so much. For example, chicken goulash in a cream sauce with potatoes… I absolutely love it! Or toasts with ham and cheese… Are you sure that we shouldn?t eat them this way?? asked Learna.


?Apparently, it is better to eat bread with vegetables and after two hours ham or cheese,? said Nature.


?Sounds awful… but maybe I will get used to it…,? wondered Learna.


?What are you droning on?? asked Dearna. ?I would have to stop eating crisps? No way! Where would I meet all my friends? They love eating ice creams or Mc- Donald?s food. Should I invite them to eat a slice of bread with mustard or ham and cucumber?? she continued.


?Ham and cucumber sounds great and probably tastes even better,? said Joina. ?I agree that changing your habits and way of eating can cause problems in your social life. You can lose some of your friends. However, such friends who would leave only because you eat differently are not worth it. It?s better to know that sooner,? said Natura.


For a moment, they sat in silence. Social heard this conversation and after a while, he said:


?You know that there is a problem of hunger and poverty in this world and still some of us throw away food only because we don?t like it. Or, we eat too much because it?s tasty without even thinking that it can cause many diseases. I have to admit that it is a wise thing to say that we need to change our eating habits. Everything is changing. We?ve gathered new pieces of information about food and healthy nutrition. I think it?s important not only to eat but to eat well. At times, it means eat less or products that were not processed, the ones that will nourish our bodies and create less waste. For example, vegetables, fruit, meat or dairy and bread produced locally because you don?t have to transport it, use fuel and pollute the air. You don?t have to protect it from rotting. Well, in our bodies we also have the problem of pollution and managing wastes like in our environment,? concluded Social.


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