TRZY MISIE - Rozdział IV

Business came back home very pleased. At last, he managed to convince Govern that everyone must join in the process of improving the situation with wastes. It?s not enough to pass some laws. He sat in his garden and began to ponder. Long time ago, there were no problems with wastes. All of them were biodegradable. Nature simply turned them into soil. Nowadays, invention of different machinery, packaging or hygiene products, which obviously make our lives simpler, has caused waste crisis on our Planet. Plastic straws kill fish; life in oceans and seas is constantly destroyed by tons of plastic waste. Forests are littered or cut. Air pollution causes millions of deaths. Soil is contaminated. State of water, our source of life, leaves much to be desired. It?s good that Govern finally understood that we need a new waste law and we have to cooperate to prepare it. We all must be engaged in it. A difficult change of habits is in front of us. Universal education can be started but what will be the result? Suddenly, voice of his son woke him up from deep thoughts. Technicion asked:


?Dad, your face is very sad. What happened??


?That is impossible,? answered Business. ?I had such a good day. I convinced Govern to do something important, and you must know that it is very hard to convince him because he always does his thing.?


?Dad, you must have been thinking about something sad or difficult when I came here,? replied Technicion.


?Actually, I?ve been thinking about our life on this Planet,? said Business.


?Dad, you can?t change it. We want to live comfortable lives, we like technical gadgets, good food and we want to be happy. Our lives are passing by. You?ve always told me that sense of happiness is the most important. I can?t be happy when I think about people who live for 2 dollars a month or the ones who lost their families in the war. I don?t want to think about those who work very hard only to get a bowl of rice. What I want to think about is those who I love and what can I do for them,? said Technicion. ?You know what, recently I?ve come up with this amazing device that allows… ?


Suddenly, they heard a terrible scream of a child and a long pause.  For a second, they froze and became speechless. It turned out that neighbor’s daughter hit a tree while riding her monocycle. They called an ambulance but there was nothing that could be done… Both Business and Technicion were shocked. They were sitting in silence for a long time and then tears came up to their eyes. This beautiful creature, full of joy and gratitude was dead, and it happened so quickly. Who is going to tell her parents? Business who had bought this dream monocycle for her birthday or Technicion who taught her how to ride it? Fortunately, it is the police who tells the parents such things.


They spent most of that evening in silence.  Full moon was shining brightly, but it was covered with clouds most of the time. They didn?t even turn on the lights in their garden. They were looking into the sky. Where is she now? They were overcome by weakness and misery. After a while, Technicion said:


?Dad, if only she had worn a helmet on her head as I taught her… nothing would have happened. Why didn?t she listen to me or her parents? It?s awful… such stubbornness, silly mistake…?


?Well, it?s a lack of responsibility,? said Business after some thinking. ?We can?t help it now. All we can do is to support our neighbors.?


?Dad, what if I am able to design a device which can fish out waste from oceans and seas, sort them and prepare for further industrial processes and, what is the most important, save lives in waters. And this device won?t be used just like her helmet?? wondered Technicion.


?You see, it depends on our responsibility, acquired knowledge and finances. If we start to believe in the fact that our life depends on oceans and seas, that produce 50% of oxygen needed to survive on our Planet, and we will act responsibly and our resources will be sufficient, then your device will find an investor and will be implemented. The fact that we need to work on interplanetary system of waste is a whole different story.?



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