Znaki rozdziałów III

One sunny morning, Nature was sitting with his family outside their eco-house and reminiscing.  They didn?t use to have such an easy life. They had to work physically but they were happy. They simply didn?t know any other way of living. It all changed after meeting Business and Social. It seems that their world has broaden, changed somehow. They?ve been faced with so many different challenges. They?ve acquired a great deal of friends and experiences; both good and bad. They also had a bit more problems. And when he was wondering, whether it was better in the past or now, his oldest son, Learne, interrupted him.


?Daddy, daddy! Have you heard that we have such a dry summer that even bees hide and don?t  want to work. And they eat their own honey! What will be left for us?? he asked.


?You know, they are trying to survive. We can share. We?ve always shared…? said Nature wisely.


?Well yes…but daddy, what if they don?t want to pollinate flowers, it might be a disaster. Plants won?t bear fruit. All the creatures in the world, what will they eat? Disaster… I?m telling you?,? replied Learne sorrowfully.


?Learne, I?ve recently read on the Internet that scientists invented artificial bees, such small drones. They are able to pollinate flowers. And bees can rest and stay in their beehives from time to time,? answered Nature.


?But this is what their life is all about,? said Learne.


?Well, yes…? replied Nature saddened. ?Son, our world has changed and is still changing. The creatures, they also change…,? continued.


?You don?t want to say that those small drones will replace bees!? shouted Learne.


?Some of the creatures have been afraid for years that robots will replace them…,? said Nature.


?So how will it be, Dad?? asked worried Learne.


?You know, I am optimistic all my life. I always try to look at the bright side. When I met Business and Social, I agreed to make a huge change in our lives because I saw something useful in it not only for us. I think that wise inventors and those who have hearts of gold will make life on this Planet different but better. All the things around us are constantly changing…,? said Nature trying to cheer his son up. ?Remember my son, learning to understand all these changes and ability to adjust to them is the most important thing. I strongly believe that you will discover, create or organise something in your life that will serve for the good of us all. What is more, it won?t harm our Planet and will bring you satisfaction and wealth.?



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