§1 Definitions of terms

Regulations – means this Webpage Regulations of

The Service Provider – means Wanda Pazdan who runs a business activity Wanda Pazdan based in Opole, registered under numbers: NIP [Taxpayer. ID no.] 7540067394 and REGON [Statistical ID. no.] 160074023, registered in CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business).

Tangible Service – means transfer of information about services: advisory functions, storytelling, granting a license to use the trademark. The beginning of negotiations of contract conditions of all of the above is on the appropriate subpage of the webpage

Social (Intangible) Service – means dissemination of knowledge, information and building partnership.

Sustainable Development Trademark – means trademark with protection law number 226458 ZR2 and 226459 ZR1.

Trademark ZR2 means


Trademark ZR1 means


SDGs – means Sustainable Development Goals

Logo SDGs – means   

Strategia Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu z 17 SDGs
CSR & Sustainability

Polish Versions of this logo

SDGs Circle – means


Versions in any other language

SDG icon – means each and every icon out of 17 icons placed on SDGs Poster in any language.

The Recipient of Services – any User of the webpage who is interested in Tangible Services of the business entity presented on webpage

User – any natural person, legal person or an organizational unit without legal identity using the webpage Not every User is a Recipient of Services. Every Recipient of Services is a User.

Partnership – means establishing cooperation among SMEs working on Business Responsible Strategy implementing 17SDGs.

Cookies – are small text files that are stored at the User’s terminal device. They are intended to be used during making use of the website pages. First of all, they contain the name of the website of their origin, their unique number, the storage time at the device. To see more go to Cookies Policy.

Privacy Policy – a document specifying the rules for the processing and protection of personal data provided by Users in relation to their use of webpage. For more information see Privacy Policy.

§2 – General provisions
  1. This Rules and regulations set out conditions to use webpage services.
  2. Users using webpage services are required to comply with this Rules and regulations.
  3. The business objective of webpage is promotion of Service Provider and rules of sustainable development.
  4. The webpage enables to send an inquiry and enables e-mail contact with the Service Provider.
  5. The owner of and is the Service Provider.
  6. Anyone can use the webpage services.
  7. The Recipient of Services is obliged to provide real data in the process of contact and ordering Tangible Service.
  8. The Service Provider declares that is qualified to provide Tangible and Social Services.
  9. The Service Provider states that is the owner of trademarks used on the webpage and any signs SDG are used in accordance with UN SDGs guidelines published in 2016.
§3 Types of services provided
  1. The Service Provider shall provide Tangible and Intangible Services.
  2. Tangible services mean transfer of information about services (advisory functions, storytelling, granting a license to use the trademark). Negotiations of contract conditions of all of the above shall begin on the appropriate subpage of the webpage by sending an email with an inquiry. Further processing the contract takes place by different contact way.
  3. Social (Intangible) Service consists of dissemination of knowledge, information and building partnership.
§4 Privacy and Cookies Policy
  1. webpage does not store data of the Users and the Recipients of Services.
  2. The Service Provider uses cookies in order to gather statistics on the use of the webpage by the Users.
  3. The User can disable the option of storing cookies in the web browser. Disabling the option of storing cookies does not mean that the webpage will lose its functionality.
  4. Privacy Policy.
  5. Cookies Policy.
§5 Protection of the Service Provider’s rights
  1. The Service Provider is the author and owns property rights to articles, quizzes and books posted on the webpage which are protected by copyright.
  2. All copyrights to the tale THREE LOVEYS (TRZY MISIE) belong to the Service Provider. Publication of ISBN 978-83-926003-0-5 took place in Opole in 2018. Publisher Editing, composition and print Publishing and Printing House Świętego Krzyża in Opole.
  3. The Service Provider is the owner of trademarks used on the webpage.
  4. Any copying for commercial purposes is prohibited.
§6 Final Provisions
  1. Regulations come into force on the day of 1 October 2018.
  2. Regulations can be reproduced, saved and obtained through the subpage of Regulations and can be printed.
  3. In matters not covered by Regulations, the mandatory and generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  4. Any disputes that are not resolved through amicable proceedings will be settled by the court competent for the Service Provider?s registered office.